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Positive Water Impact - Technologies for water replenishment

Request Number 155822 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo is seeking technology/approaches to replenish the water used in manufacturing to local watersheds. Technologies/approaches addressing water usage in agriculture, the manufacturing process or the processing of waste-water will be considered. Solutions may also include atmospheric water generation or unlocking use of "source" water.


PepsiCo's business depends on water, and as such, we have a vested interest, and responsibility, to conserve and protect it at all points along our value chain.

Key Success Criteria

Must haves

  • Circular Water - Novel and innovative technologies that allow for treated waste-water to be returned to watersheds, recharged to groundwater, e.g. through constructed wetlands, or distributed to other users (circular water).
  • Atmospheric Water Capture/Extraction technology - Technology must significantly reduce the energy consumption of current approaches. Levelized costs of current technologies range between $50-$100/1000 gal of water produced and are highly dependent on local atmospheric conditions which makes them relevant for only small scale drinking water usage. For industrial agricultural usage (>100 million gallons of water consumed annually), a levelized cost of <$25/1000 gallons will be necessary to compete with other alternative water sources.
  • Technologies must be applicable to the food industry.
  • Experience with a global food and beverage company is not necessary but proof of concept from pilot plants is required.

Nice to have

  • Commercial ready solution that does not affect current production
Possible Approaches

Replenishment of the water used in our manufacturing operations within the watershed from which it is abstracted.

The elimination of the usage of freshwater within stressed watersheds through the abstraction of water from the atmosphere.