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New Technologies for Light Weighting of Hot Fill PET Bottles

Request Number 164611 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo is seeking material or technology solutions to allow for significant light weighting of hot fill PET bottles without sacrificing performance.

Key Success Criteria


  • Properties
    • Weight savings of 15% or more for hot fill bottle without compromising bottle performance and with 50% or more use of rPET
    • Clear, colorless
    • Recyclable
    • FDA beverage contact approved
  • Packaging Forms
    • Monolayer or multi-layer PET bottle
  • Usage Occasion - Final package format should be commercially scalable hot fill beverage programs, at comparable production speeds, while meeting current specifications
  • Organoleptic Properties - No adverse effect to product (appearance, taste, flavor)
  • Capabilities
    • Pilot Capabilities with the ability to create physical samples from concept creation
    • Commercial Capabilities - Larger scale manufacturing outlook. If vendor doesn't have commercial capabilities, a plan on how to scale up commercial is also acceptable
  • Durability & Handling
    • Packaging should be able to withstand the manufacturing process, warehousing, and distribution
  • Performance Requirement
    • Light-weighted hot fill containers should meet existing packaging requirements without compromise
    • Should perform well in storage at elevated temperature and humidity


  • Low to moderate capital investment
Preferred Collaboration types

Collaboration types are to be negotiated and PepsiCo will consider solutions from early-stage ideas to commercially ready technologies. However, proof of concept is required.