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Innovative Packaging for Consumer Engagement / 消費者エンゲージメントを向上させる革新的なパッケージ

Request Number 183526 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo seeks to deliver a world-class consumer experience with its products and that experience begins with the packaging. PepsiCo seeks to identify a variety of new packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for its global beverage and snack products.



Below are some examples of new innovations and technologies that can deliver a different and unique experience for consumers such as:

  • Smart/interactive packaging
    • Consumer-level interactions that are visual, sound-based, touch-based
    • Technologies can be incorporated into caps, labels, cans, multi-pack carriers, etc. or even via vending equipment or an application
    • Ideal situation is interactive packaging that triggers a positive emotion in consumer during PepsiCo beverage consumption
  • Premium and/or personalized packaging
    • Advanced packaging decoration technologies like innovative labels, inks, etc.
    • Unique dosing methods or closures
    • Packaging that can create theater at the point of consumption, e.g. like Drinkfinity
    • Packaging or materials (e.g. coatings) that can keep beverages colder for longer
    • Other ways of offering consumer customization
  • User-friendly packaging
    • Packaging that is easy to open and use for users of all ages and abilities
    • Packaging that can inhibit or prevent spillage or mess

The above list is not meant to be exclusive – if you have a packaging-related technology that can provide new consumer experience, we'd love to hear from you. Technologies that can successfully combine more than one of these interest areas are highly desirable.

Please note: all proposed technologies must have advanced beyond the conceptual stage.


  • スマート/インタラクティブなパッケージ
    • 視覚に訴える、音を使う、接触に応答するなど消費者と製品間でのインタラクションがあるもの
    • キャップ、フィルムラベル、マルチパック等に組み込み可能な技術や、自動販売機やアプリを用いる技術
    • 同社の飲料を消費する中でポジティブな感情が生まれるような、インタラクティブなパッケージであることが理想
  • 特別感があり、自分用にカスタマイズできるパッケージ
    • 革新的なラベルやインクなど、先進的なデコレーション技術
    • ユニークな飲用技術もしくはキャップ
    • Drinkfinity のように、消費時に見せ場を作ることができるパッケージ
    • 飲料をより長い間冷たく保つパッケージや材料(たとえばコーティング)
    • これら以外の、消費者によるカスタマイズを可能とする手法
  • 使いやすいパッケージ
    • 様々な年齢や能力の人々が開けやすく使いやすいパッケージ
    • こぼれや汚れを防ぐパッケージ


注意点: 提案技術はコンセプト段階以上のものであることとする

Key Success Criteria

All proposed packaging technologies will be evaluated on their potential to positively impact one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Durability – Packaging should be able to withstand the manufacturing process, warehousing and distribution.
  • Recyclability / Environmental Impact
  • Ease of production
  • Ease of use by consumers
  • Retention of product freshness
  • Cost
  • Innovativeness

Please present information regarding how your proposed technology can meet the above criteria.


  • 耐久性 – 製造プロセス、保管時、流通で耐久性を維持できる.
  • リサイクル性 /環境への影響
  • 生産のしやすさ
  • 消費者の使いやすさ
  • 商品鮮度の保持
  • コスト
  • 革新性


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