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Pea Proteins for Low pH Beverages / 低pH飲料用のエンドウタンパク

Request Number 185636 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo seeks to incorporate pea protein concentrate into low pH beverages.



Humans have cultivated and eaten peas (Pisum sativum) for millennia. Modern consumers are looking to the seed as a promising protein source – it is rich in proteins which can be isolated to make pea protein concentrates (PPC).

While PPC are available in many forms and products, little or no research has been done to understand its behavior in low pH solution or model systems. As a result, food producers have encountered difficulties incorporating PPC into acidic products, such as fruit juices.

The goal of this project is to identify pea protein concentrates that are suitable for usage in low pH systems or to find technologies capable of processing PPC so that they may be used in low pH environments.

エンドウ豆(Pisum sativum)は何千年にもわたり栽培され、食されてきた。またエンドウ豆の種子は、有望なタンパク源として近年消費者に注目されており、エンドウタンパク濃縮物(PPC)の製造に必要なタンパク質が豊富に含まれている。穀物を基本とした食事ではリジンというアミノ酸が不足するが、PPCにはこのリジンが豊富に含まれている。

Key Success Criteria


  • Focused exclusively on pea protein concentrates/isolates:
    • Yellow or green
  • Increased protein solubility (above 50%) at a pH between 3.0 and 4.0
  • Low flavor profile and texture impact (astringency/grittiness) on fluid model systems of at least 4% protein content
  • Samples for review (powder/liquid form)
  • エンドウタンパク濃縮物または単離物のみ対象
    • 黄色または緑色のもの
  • pH 3.0~4.0の範囲において高いタンパク溶解性(50%以上)を示す
  • 少なくともタンパク含量4%の溶液モデルにおいて、香味特性やテクスチャーへの影響が弱い
  • テストサンプル(粉体または液体)の利用が可能


  • Non-dairy, non-allergenic, non-GMO processing aids (enzymes)
  • All natural, non-dairy, non-soy ingredients in case processing aides are added (enzymes)
  • PDCAAS above 0.8
  • Clarity in solution
  • Suitable for use in a production environment
  • 加工助剤(酵素)に乳、アレルゲン、GMOを使用していない
  • 加工助剤(酵素)が全て自然素材であり、乳および大豆原料を使用していない
  • タンパク質消化吸収率補正アミノ酸スコア(PDCAAS)が0.8以上
  • 溶液中で透明
  • 製造現場環境での使用に適している
Possible Approaches

PepsiCo is interested in all approaches that produce a pea protein concentrate for usage in a low pH system.


Approaches not of interest

PepsiCo is not interested in protein concentrates from plants other than peas. Additionally, PepsiCo is not seeking unprocessed whole pea flour.


Preferred Collaboration types
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