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Revolutionary Plant Protein Sources / 革新的な植物性タンパク源

Request Number 190305 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo seeks to incorporate new plant proteins into their world-class foods and beverages.



Consumers are increasingly selecting products that feature plant-based proteins: from rice milk to pasta made from chickpeas. Additionally, market demand also indicates a continued strong interest in protein-rich foods. An unfortunate side-effect of high levels of plant protein in food products is that various organoleptic properties, such as color, taste and texture, can be negatively impacted which, in turn, degrades consumer acceptance of those products. As such, PepsiCo is interested in innovative plant proteins that have undergone some level of concentration.

Researchers & organizations who have exciting new plant protein concentrates with the potential for commercial-scale implementation on suitable timelines are strongly encouraged to respond.


Key Success Criteria


  • Must be a plant or plant-derived protein
  • High PDCAAS or DIAAS score
    • PDCAAS is preferred
  • Minimal impact on:
    • Color
    • Taste
    • Texture
  • Process-friendly for food applications:
    • Good dispersion
    • Solubility data in solution at pH 3.5 and 7.0
    • Foaming capacity/stability data
  • 植物または植物由来のタンパクである
  • たん白質消化吸収率補正アミノ酸スコア(PDCAAS)または消化性必須アミノ酸スコア(DIAAS)が高い
    • 特にPDCAASが高いことが望ましい
  • 以下の項目に対する影響が小さい
    • 色調
    • 風味
    • テクスチャー
  • 食品への適用におけるプロセス適合性
    • 分散性
    • 溶解性
    • 発泡性または無発泡性



  • Process friendly for beverage applications
  • Data to prove the unique quality
  • Non-GMO
  • Negligible flavor and texture impact
  • Other nutritional benefits to the source besides high protein content (fiber)
  • "Clean Label"
  • Easy to pronounce and common (e.g. familiar, "kitchen" ingredients) are highly desirable
  • Good sustainability story
  • Differentiation to conventional animal and dairy proteins
  • 飲料への適用におけるプロセス適合性
  • 独自の品質を証明するデータ
  • GMOでない
  • 風味やテクスチャーへの影響がほとんどない
  • 高タンパク(繊維)含量以外の、栄養上の利点
  • クリーンラベルを実現している
  • 言いやすい名前であり、一般的に知られているもの(馴染みがあり、一般家庭で用いられる素材が非常に望ましく、化学的なニュアンスのある素材は望ましくない)
  • 優れたサステナビリティが期待できる
  • 従来の動物性タンパクや乳タンパクとの差別化要素を有する
Possible Approaches

PepsiCo is interested in all approaches capable of achieving the performance stated with the exceptions noted below.


Approaches not of interest

PepsiCo is not interested in submissions on the following protein sources:

  • Soy
  • Moringa
  • Khai-nam (“duck weed”)
  • Pea
  • Single-cell protein
  • Protein from non-plant sources:
    • Insects
    • Meat
    • Gelatin
    • Dairy (such as whey, casein, milk protein concentrates)

PepsiCo is not interested in new plant-based products via this project – only plant/plant-derived protein concentrates are of interest. Unprocessed or whole food protein sources are likewise not of interest.


  • 大豆
  • モリンガ
  • Khai-nam ("duck weed")
  • エンドウ豆
  • 単細胞タンパク
  • 非植物原料由来のタンパク
    • 昆虫
    • 食肉
    • ゼラチン
    • 乳(ホエイ、カゼイン、乳タンパク濃縮物など)


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