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Breakthrough/Novel Packaging Solutions for China / 为中国市场寻求突破性/新颖的食品包装方案

Request Number 193738 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo is seeking breakthrough solutions for packaging to drive innovation pipelines with a focus on the China market. The innovations will be applied to product categories from potato chips, seaweed chips, granola, instant oatmeal, powdered drinks, retorted grains meal, freeze-dried yoghurt cube, etc.



Key focus areas include:

  1. Premiumization
    • Premium Film Visual Effect: We are looking for a breakthrough printing or ink technology on a flexible bag which could:
      • Deliver an extra sensorial experience – including visual/touch/aroma effects.
      • Create fun and offer young consumers with a novel experience, such as a photochromic ink, which could visualize the hidden artwork when exposed to UV light
    • A Novelty packaging solution: We are looking for:
      • A special functional feature to enhance the consumer experience or extend the consumption occasions for both snack and grain category such as:
        • Easy dosing solution for grain packaging
        • Easy tearing /opening
        • Portable packaging (On the go solution)
        • Other functionality
      • Novel packaging formats or shapes beyond the classic pillow bag for the snack category
  2. Omni, Channel and Customer Pack
    • Packaging Solutions for Gifting: We are looking for limited editions for key Chinese occasions/events (i.e. Chinese New Year, Middle Autumn, Dragon Boat, etc.). The focus can be Eastern-style design with format, artwork, material or culture
    • Omni Channel Solutions: We are looking for a breakthrough packaging solution to create a selling occasion on new channel and E-commerce.
    • Customer Pack: We are looking for some quick display solutions (PDQ) for hyper customers
  3. Affordability
    • We are looking for novel packaging solutions on formats or materials which could offer a new business opportunity by entrance to the low tier market.


  1. 高端化
    • 高端的视觉效果,比如突破性的印刷或者油墨技术
      • 耳目一新的视觉效果-包括视觉/触觉/香气效果
      • 给年轻的消费者创造新奇好玩的体验,如光致变色油墨技术,在阳光的照射下会显现隐藏的图案效果
    • 新奇的包装方案
      • 特殊的功能能够提升消费者的体验或能够拓展消费者的消费场景比如:
        • 方便定量,用于谷物类产品
        • 易撕易开启
        • 便于随身携带
        • 其他功能
      • 新奇的包装形式或者形状(除了常规的枕式包),用于零食品类产品
  2. 特定渠道或特定客户的定制化包装方案
    • 寻求礼品包装方案,在重要的中国节日里(如春节,中秋节,端午节等)推出限量版的礼品装。这些方案可以是中国特色的方案(形状,图案设计,材质或文化等),也可以是其他的方案。
    • 特定渠道的包装方案,如为新渠道和电商渠道设计突破性的方案,创建新的销售场景和消费场景
    • 定制化包装方案,如为特大型超市定制一些快速的展示方案
  3. 高性价比的包材
    • 为四五线城市提供高性价比的包材方案,创造新的生意机会
Key Success Criteria


  • Advanced beyond conceptual stage
  • Innovativeness
  • Packaging must be approved for use with foods
  • Ease of use by consumers
  • Cost implications need to be known
  • Recyclability must be known


  • 超越概念的阶段,具备一定可行性
  • 创新性强
  • 食品准入
  • 消费者方便使用
  • 成本影响可知
  • 可回收或可再利用性可知
Approaches not of interest

Well known solutions in the food industry (snack and cereal categories)


Preferred Collaboration types

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types.