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Sugar Replacement for Foods

Request Number 195626 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo is seeking an ingredient to replace sugar in biscuits/cookies. The challenge arises when trying to replicate the complex functionality of sugar, which is currently present in product approximately 20% by weight. Sugar contributes to color, texture, and sweetness in the finished product, a replacement ingredient must have bulking ability together with the color, texture, and sweetness functionalities.


PepsiCo is working to reduce the amount of sugar in their products as part of global commitment and food standard regulations. Sugar Alcohols, High Intensity Sweeteners, honey, fruit juice, among others will not be considered for this project.

Key Success Criteria


  • All ingredients must be food grade
  • Goal is to obtain the closest sensory experience of eating classic biscuits/cookies (Color, Sweetness and Texture)
  • Moisture – moisture content of dough must be 3-10%
  • No bitter after taste
  • Ingredient list & formulation


  • Known shelf-life information
Possible Approaches

PepsiCo will consider a variety of solutions: new flavor ingredients that require less sweetening, a combination of a process and ingredients, a mix of ingredients, fibers, flavorings and fruits. Fruits have been tested with issues in sweetness and/or moisture criteria.

Approaches not of interest
  • Sugar alternatives such as:
    • Honey, brown sugar, molasses, and sugar-based syrups, fruit and vegetable juices.
    • Sugar alcohols, high intensity sweeteners.
    • All types of sugar (sucrose, lactose, etc)
    • Marmalades with added sugar
    • Syrups (agave, date, yacon, maple, etc) or Nectars (Palmyra blossom)
Preferred Collaboration types

PepsiCo is open to a range of partnerships, but proof of concept is required.