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Coconut Water Flavor Optimization

Request Number 82150 | Author PepsiCo


PepsiCo is looking to modify our current From Concentrate Coconut Water (FC CCW) ingredient to minimize off flavor and aroma profile to make it more taste neutral to expand application potential and improve juice portfolio margins.

Generally, coconut water has a positive consumer perception, but the current flavor profile, specifically that of Mature FC CCW makes it very polarizing. Removal of targeted flavor compounds (Aldehydes, Lactones, Benzothiazoles, and Alcohols) will make the product more neutral in taste and juice businesses across the globe can use more of it for sugar reduction, innovation, renovation, and productivity projects.

Solutions of interest:

  • Physical removal - based on MW
  • Chemical removal - w/processing aids, absorbent resin beads
  • Neutralization - flavor maskers
  • Other innovative approaches
Key Success Criteria


  • A significant reduction in the known off-flavors and aroma groups (Aldehydes, Lactones, Benzothiazoles, and Alcohols). Levels must be at or below the sensory thresholds
  • Need to maintain current standard of identity for brix. Key sugars and salts (electrolytes must be kept).
  • Maintain juice authenticity. Reduction and or deviation of flavor must meet juice authenticity regs per SRA. Target to remove key groups of compounds completely. Any ingredients used must be GRAS/equivalent.


  • Leverage existing technologies or blend of technologies which can be implemented relatively quickly (6 - 9 months).
  • ID technologies which can be Implemented at a commercial scale within 6 -18 months.
Approaches not of interest
  • Solutions that chemically alter the FC CW
  • Solutions that add significant ingredients
Preferred Collaboration types

PepsiCo is open to a range of collaboration types.